Fresh-Pro provides the highest quality watermelons 52 weeks per year. Although there is some watermelon production in virtually all states, about three-fourths of all U.S. watermelons are grown in Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, and Indiana. Our farms are located in all the best growing regions throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America.


Fresh-Pro Map of Growing Regions


It is thought that watermelon originated in Africa and then began being cultivated in Asia and the Middle East sometime before 1,000 A.D.  Its arrival in Europe followed when Moorish invaders introduced the fruit there sometime in the 10th-11th centuries.  European colonists then introduced the fruit to the American continents in the 1500’s-1600’s.

Watermelon contains about 91% water and is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals.  In the U.S. and Mexico, there are about 200-300 varieties of watermelon that is grown, however only about 50 of those varieties are popular with consumers.  The primary varieties that Fresh-Pro provides are Seeded, Seedless and Mini.

“Depending on how you want to classify it, a watermelon can be considered a fruit or a vegetable. No matter which way you slice it, watermelon is fun to eat and very good for you!” –

Watermelon is very healthy for you!! The National Watermelon Promotion Board’s nutritionist, Elizabeth Somer, has written this great article called Watermelon Wisdom outlining some of the wonderful health benefits of watermelons.

“For a long time, watermelon has been taken for granted as a sweet, tasty summertime fruit, made of sugar and water, and nothing more. Over the past years, nutritionists, medical professionals, scientists and researchers have taken an interest to find out more about watermelon’s health benefits. As it turns out, watermelon is incredibly healthy!”  –

“Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Like any raw fresh foods, naturally occurring bacteria in fresh fruits and vegetables can cause food poisoning.”  –

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